Sensational Pool Slides by Summit USA!

Summit USA

Teens on Pool Slide Summit USA offers pool slides that are definitely unique. Our slides are modular and infinitely customizable. There are potentially thousands of configurations. We can create a custom pool slide just for you. The slide should fit your pool, your family, and your lifestyle. We manufacture water slides, slide supplies, custom water slide, hillside water slide, residential water slide, commercial water slide, home pool supplies, pool sliding board, tube slide, and above ground pool supplies.

Vancouver, WA

10403 N.E. 13th St Ste 2
Vancouver, WA 98686

PHONE/INFO: 360-314-2565


Safety is a paramount consideration in our pool slides. Deep bedways and enclosed tubes mean there are no slide accidents. We say that accidents occur on either end of the pool water slide, and that it is safer to slide into the pool than to jump. All of our deck-mounted slides have a platform and overhead sit-down-bar. Kids like the bar as a launcher, but that means they're sliding feet-first. High siderails and sturdy welded ladders contribute to our unmatched safety record.

Performance of our polyethylene exceeds all other slide materials. Color is throughout the material, not just on the surface. All of our products are commercial grade, and make superior residential slides.